Please read these terms and conditions carefully. 

These terms and conditions apply to all Group Booking Tickets issued for the Games and 
incorporate the general Ticket terms and conditions which can be found at You and your Group who purchase, possess, use or attempt to use a Ticket issued under these terms and conditions will be legally bound by these terms and conditions.

If you have any queries about your Group Booking or these terms and conditions, then please contact us through our help desk.


In these Group terms, capitalised but undefined terms used in these Group Terms shall have the meaning 
given to them in the Conditions and the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings

Booking Confirmation” means the email notification sent by us to you confirming your group Booking 
Ticket allocation where successful including, where applicable the Ticket and Session, details.

Conditions” means the Birmingham 2022 general Ticket term and conditions which can be found at

"Group" means the Ticket Holders allocated Tickets through the Group Booking Portal;

"Group Booking" means any booking made for Tickets for a group of 11 or more people through our Group 
Bookings Portal;

Group Booking Portal” means, the dedicated web 
page through which Group Booking requests are submitted ;

Group Terms” means these terms and conditions, the Conditions, Venue Entry Conditions and the 
Prohibited and Restricted Items which are incorporated into these terms and conditions by reference, 
together with any amendments or updates to the same issued by or on behalf of Birmingham 2022 from time 
to time; and

"Lead Booker" and “you” and “your” means the individual with legal capacity who submits a request for 
Tickets through the Group Booking Portal, who has purchased a Ticket or Tickets through the Group portal in 
accordance with these Group Terms.

Scope and Enforceability of the Conditions 

1. Unless otherwise stated in these Group Terms, words and expressions defined in the Conditions shall have the same meaning in these Group Terms.

2. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between any part of these Group Terms and the Conditions, these Group Terms shall take precedence.

3. The Lead Booker shall be deemed to be the Ticket Purchaser for the purposes of the Conditions acting on behalf of the Group, including collecting all funds required to pay for all Tickets allocated to the Group Booking.

4. All Group Bookings shall be made through our dedicated Group Booking Portal on

5. By making an application to purchase Tickets through the Group Booking Portal the Lead Bookeraccepts and undertakes to comply with these Group Terms. When you submit your Group Booking request, you guarantee that you have the authority to accept all of the Group Terms on behalf of your Group. The Lead Booker shall be responsible for ensuring all of the Group comply with the Group Terms.

Group Bookings

6. We reserve the right to determine and limit the number of Tickets that may be purchased by a LeadBooker at our sole discretion. Ticket limits will be set at the time of purchase and we reserve the right to adjust any such limits from time to time at our sole discretion. We further reserve the right to cancel any or all Tickets purchased through a Group Booking without notice and without refund or any compensation if the Lead Purchaser is found to be exceeding the Ticket purchasing limit for any Session. 

7. Without prejudice to paragraphs 11 to 26 of the Conditions, the following conditions shall apply where the Lead Booker submits a request to purchase Tickets though Group Booking Portal: 
(i) submitting a request for Tickets through the Group Booking Portal does not guarantee a Ticket or Tickets;
(ii) Group Booking submissions shall only be accepted during the Group Booking application windows (as set out on and Birmingham 2022 is not liable for any failure to submit the Group Booking during that application window;
(iii) Group Booking submission may be withdrawn at any time within the Group Booking application window (as set out on; 
(iv) Group Booking submissions cannot be withdrawn once the application window (as set out on has closed;
(v) the Lead Booker must be eighteen (18) years or above;
(vi) there is a limit of Tickets that may be applied for per unique email address in respect of each Session, which will be specified on;
(vii) the Lead Booker shall be deemed to have been made aware of these Group Terms and to have accepted and agreed to comply with and be bound by these Group Terms; 
(viii) it is the responsibility of the Lead Booker to check all details submitted are correct and to rectify any mistakes prior to submitting a request for Group Bookings;
(ix) if we consider that an attempt to purchase Tickets is in breach of these Group Terms or any applicable law (including but not limited to where a person resells, distributes, offers a Ticket for resale, exposes a Ticket for sale or advertises that a Games ticket is available for purchase or of providing fraudulent or misleading information in the process), then we may at our sole discretion refuse or cancel the relevant submission for Tickets without notifying the Lead Booker. We may also at our sole discretion refuse or cancel any other Submission for Group Bookings made by that Lead Booker and/or void all Tickets that have been or will be purchased by that Lead Booker; and
(x) decisions relating to Group Bookings shall be entirely at our discretion, and our decision in all matters relating to Group bookings shall be final. We reserve the right to suspend, cancel or modify Group Bookings at any time (and for any reason) with or without notice. 

9. You understand and agree that when you book through us, you accept responsibility for the proper conduct of yourself and all other members of your Group at the Venues and Sessions.

10. If you wish to change your Group Booking in any way we will try to accommodate your requests but we cannot guarantee that changes can always be made. Where a change can be made, we may charge a per Ticket amendment fee of £2.95. 

Invoicing and Payment

11. The Lead Booker will be sent a Booking Confirmation on or around 10 March 2022 informing them whether or not they have been allocated any Tickets and, where applicable, the Ticket(s) which they have been allocated.

12. We will invoice you for the total cost of the Tickets allocated though your Group Booking with your Booking Confirmation which shall confirm the method of payment and payment date(s).

13. The Lead Booker is responsible and liable for payment for the Group Booking and shall make payment in accordance with the method and by the date(s) indicated in the Booking Confirmation or as set out in the invoice. 

14. If for any reason any payments are not received by us by the due dates, we reserve the right to cancel your Group Booking.

Cancellation and Refunds

15. If you need to cancel all or any part of your Group Booking, you should advise us immediately in writing. 

16. Any cancellation requests and/or refunds may only be made in accordance with the Conditions.

17. Any refunds due pursuant to the Conditions will only be made to the payment source from which the Group Booking payment originated.

Changes to your booking

18. Any changes required to the Lead Booker’s details may be made by contacting our help desk.

19. If, after you have received your Booking Confirmation, you wish to apply for additional group Bookings, then you may submit a further request for Tickets through the Group Booking Portal during future application windows (if any) (as set out on Alternatively, if you require to make any changes to your Group Booking you may contact us to discuss your requirements. Please note changes may not always be possible and will be at our sole discretion.

20. Any request for changes must be made in writing (which shall include email) by the Lead Booker.

21. You will be required to pay any additional charges (if we are able to accommodate any changes requested) arsing as a result of the change. We will confirm the charges and costs in advance of making the changes.

Responsibility for the Group

22. Ticket Holders under the age of sixteen (16) years must be accompanied upon admission to and subsequently within the Venue by a supervising adult/teacher Ticket Holder, who shall be responsible for them and their compliance with these Group Terms.

23. The Lead Booker shall ensure that there is a minimum level of supervision of one supervising adult/teacher for every 10 Ticket Holder under the age of sixteen (16) years. Birmingham 2022 reserve the right to refuse entry to a Venue or Session to Groups with insufficient supervision. The Lead Booker shall ensure that all teachers/supervising adult Ticket Holders recognise that they are responsible for the behaviour, actions and care of their Group.

24. A failure to comply with may result in all or any member of the Group being refused entry to or removed from the Venue or Session and in such event, no refund or compensation will be provided to the Ticket Holder or the Lead Booker.

Waiver & Indemnity

25. For the avoidance of doubt, conditions 80 to 82 of the Conditions shall apply to these Group Terms.


26. Birmingham 2022 reserves the right to make amendments to these Group Terms from time to time at Birmingham 2022’s sole discretion and without notice. A full copy of the latest version of the Group Terms (as may be amended) will be available on and, upon request, from Birmingham 2022.

27. Any personal information supplied in connection with a Group Booking submission or purchase of Tickets will be used, shared and retained as set out in Birmingham 2022’s Privacy Policy, posted on

28. Any queries concerning Tickets should be made to our customer services team through our help desk.