The West Midlands is a vibrant and culturally diverse region and thus provides the ideal opportunity for the Organising Committee to engage communities in Birmingham and across the West Midlands, to inspire them to join us on the journey to deliver the best ever Commonwealth Games.

The vision of the 2022 Commonwealth Games Organising Committee of 'Making a world of difference at the Games for everyone' by having a positive impact on the West Midlands and the Commonwealth, through targeted community involvement and engagement.

  • delivering a legacy of promoting and celebrating diversity and inclusion in the West Midlands and the Commonwealth
  • more engagement in sports and physical activity resulting in the improvement of underrepresented groups getting involved and/or participating in sport
  • ensuring the Games are accessible and inclusive for everyone: athletes, team officials, volunteers, spectators, media and our key stakeholders.

The Birmingham 2022 Organising Committee's strategic priorities state the way that we plan to deliver the Games - Sustainably, Inclusively and Creatively, therefore it is essential the Games are accessible and inclusive to everyone.

Our Vision

To deliver an inclusive and accessible Commonwealth Games experience for everyone.

The Commonwealth Games is renowned as being the 'friendly Games', bringing people together from across the Commonwealth regardless of their cultural background, disability, gender or socio-economic background.

The success of Birmingham 2022 will be measured on its legacy, and this will be a direct result of the lasting impression that all stakeholders take away. Ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion are a fundamental of the games will improve the experience and expand the breadth of stakeholder involvement providing a greater positive legacy.

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Priorities

1. Developing a workforce reflective of the West Midlands (View our latest workforce diversity data)

2. Delivering a highly accessible and inclusive Games

3. Creating a fair, supportive and open culture throughout the Games delivery

4. Connecting communities to the Games through engagement and participation

5. Educating and developing our shared understanding on issues of inequality

We will be open on how we are performing against our priorities and will share information as regularly as possible. One of our five priorities is: Developing a workforce reflective of the West Midlands.

To capture data, whilst we wait for the Census 2021 data, we are benchmarking against the most up to date data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for the region.

Keeping the community informed

We want to ensure we keep the West Midlands community engaged and informed with the progress the Birmingham 2022 team are making and therefore we will be delivering quarterly EDI Forums up until Games time for community leaders and groups.

The Future

We are committed to providing development opportunities for our staff to support their career progression and produce the next generation of leaders as a positive outcome from being part of delivery of the Games. With this in mind, our focus is on giving our staff the skills to pursue careers in sport and potentially future roles at sporting events in the UK.

To achieve this, we launched an internal mentoring programme in collaboration with DCMS, Team England and our Birmingham 2022 Board who signed up to be mentors to 70 mentees. The programme commenced in July 2021 and will conclude in February 2022 ahead of Games time.