What a magical ten days Birmingham 2022 Festival had across the Commonwealth Games. Birmingham’s creativity and diversity was celebrated across nine incredible festival sites in the West Midlands and beyond with dance, music, workshops, parties and more. Already missing the buzz? Hold your horses, as our festival continues with eight weeks of action packed with exciting festivities.

August is buzzing with new performances. China Plate and Birmingham Hippodrome’s uplifting new concert musical To The Streets! is inspired by the Bristol Bus Boycott. Enjoy this all-new musical in parks across the West Midlands. After a series of brilliant workshops, Soul City Arts will be presenting Waswasa – Whispers in Prayer, a performance exploring the act of Islamic prayer; where and how people pray and what it means in a modern secular society.

Step back in time in Birmingham Mailbox for Jambo Cinema, Dawinder Bansal’s multifaceted exhibition recreating her family’s 1980’s living room and Bollywood VHS rental shop. Celebrate North Birmingham Alliance’s kaleidoscope of culture and art in Brum with their vibrant carnival programme, Route 34.

The vibes in Victoria Square are far from over, as in September the square will be completely transformed with PoliNations. Step into Trigger’s biodiverse paradise of colour and nature and experience music from around the world, light shows and a grand finale like no other.

Be a part of Birmingham Pride this September with Mobilise. Fatt Projects have been empowering people to dance through their series of joyful queer accessible sober dance parties and silent discos. Mobilise will lead the Birmingham Pride parade with a once in a lifetime processional protest performance.

There is still so much more to see from Birmingham 2022 Festival. Capture Birmingham’s relationship with sport trough Jaskirt Boora’s portrait collection, People Place & Sport. Dive into Birmingham and the Back Country’s four and five generation families with Julian Germain and GRAIN’s Generations. Discover Birmingham’s cinematic history with Wonderland at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Choose your own adventure with Birmingham 2022 Festival and be a part of our celebrations!