Please read these Terms carefully (the “Terms”). These Terms govern all entries from schools and/or youth groups for the competition to select poems to showcase how the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will bring together nations and territories, athletes and communities across the Commonwealth (the “Competition").

The promoter of the Competition is Birmingham Organising Committee for the 2022 Commonwealth Games Ltd (“Birmingham 2022”). If you have any queries about the Competition or these Terms then please contact us at


1. The Competition will open at 9:00am GMT on 6 June 2022 and will close at 23:59 GMT on Friday 24 June 2022 (the “Competition Period”).

2. The Competition is open to all schools and youth groups in Birmingham and the West Midlands (including Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire or Worcestershire).

3. A teacher or youth group leader shall be responsible for submitting the entries for the Competition for children at their school or youth group (the “Entrant”).

4. All Competition entries must have been created by children between the ages of 6 and 14 years. across school year groups 2 to 9.

5. Birmingham 2022 reserves the right to verify the eligibility of anyone submitting an entry. Birmingham 2022 may require such information (including requesting proof of age for entrants) as it considers reasonably necessary for this purpose and may withhold any prize until Birmingham 2022 is satisfied with the verification.

6. There is no limit on the number of poems that the Entrant may enter into the Competition, however each Entrant may only enter a maximum of one poem per child, be it a poem submitted by the child individually or a poem written by the child as part of a group of children.

7. Eligibility requirements set out in paragraphs 2 to 4 must be met on the last day of the Competition Period.

8. To submit an entry for the Competition, each Entrant must submit their school or youth group entries using the online entry form (the "Entry Form") and Our Voice poem template (the “Template”) along with, where possible, a voice recording of the child or children reciting their poems, up to a maximum of 20MB (collectively the “Content”) before the end of the Competition Period.

9. Entrants shall indicate their acceptance of these Terms by checking the relevant box on the Entry Form or (if no such box is checked) shall otherwise be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Terms upon submission of their Entry Form.


10. Please make sure the poem entries are:

(i) A poem on the theme of ‘finding common ground’, highlighting how the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games are bringing together nations and territories, athletes and communities across the Commonwealth;

(ii) Submitted using the Template

(iii) An original work;

(iv) The work of either one child or the work of a group of up to three children.

11. Please ensure, as far as possible, that your entries do not breach these Terms and do not include:

(i) A copy of, or contain/resemble, any original works;

(ii) Any special category data (which shall have the meaning given to it under Article 9(1) of the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679) and Data Protection Act 2018);

(iii) Entries which include inappropriate, discriminatory, illegal or offensive content;

(iv) Applications that seem to be duplicates or not legitimate;

(v) Dishonest applications;

(vi) Applications where the entrant is ineligible under these Terms;

(vii) Entries where the parents’ or guardians’ consent required under these Terms have not been obtained.

12. It is a condition of entry that all Entrants keep a copy of the Content and any correspondence entered into with Birmingham 2022 confidential at all times. You therefore agree not to disclose the Content or any correspondence to any third party without the prior written consent of Birmingham 2022. Failure to comply with this important obligation will result in immediate disqualification from the Competition.

13. Entries and the Contents will not be returned.

14. By submitting an entry for the Competition, you are deemed to have given consent for the Content to be used free of charge by Birmingham 2022 or its designated agents for any purpose in connection with the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games including, but not limited to, the production and sale of merchandise, marketing and advertising purposes in connection with the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. You also consent for the Content to be used free of charge by Birmingham 2022 or its designated agents in all media and merchandise worldwide for all purposes in perpetuity, including, but not limited to, television platforms and newspaper.

15. By submitting an entry for the Competition, you as the Entrant shall obtain all necessary consents or signed documents (as may be provided by Birmingham 2022) from the parents or legal guardians of the children whose Content were included in your entry to:

(i) Assign to Birmingham 2022 all intellectual property rights (including copyright) in the Content;

(ii) Waive absolutely all moral rights, including any future moral rights, arising in relation to the Content by virtue of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and, so far as legally possible, any broadly equivalent rights in any territory of the world. To the extent the waiver referred to is not effective, the child and the child’s parent or legal guardian agree to not assert any such moral rights; and

(iii) Sign any relevant forms or agreements provided by Birmingham 2022 to reflect such assignment (without amendment). Failure (or delay) to sign the relevant document will result in the entry being disqualified.

16. By submitting an entry for the Competition, you as the Entrant accept and undertake to comply with these Terms and shall be responsible for ensuring the parents and legal guardians of the participating children are aware of and shall comply with these Terms.

Selection of winners

17. The winning entries and runners up will be chosen by an independent judging panel based on the following criteria:

(i) Creativity;

(ii) Originality; and

(iii) Impacy

18. Winners and runners-up will be selected from all valid entries received falling into two categories as follows:

(i) Category 1 – children aged 6 to 11 years in school year groups 2 to 6; and

(ii) Category 2 – children aged 11 to 14 years in school year groups 7 and 10.

One winner will be selected from Entrants in each of the two categories, with second and third place runners-up selected from Entrants in each of the two categories.

19. The winners and runners-up will be notified by email in July 2022 using the contact details provided in the Entry Form. Birmingham 2022 may require the Entrants to provide written confirmation of the parent or legal guardian of the child whose Content was included in the Entry Form’s agreement to these Terms or to provide written agreement to confirm their compliance with these Terms.

20. Entrants are encouraged to monitor their email accounts (including spam folders) for such notification during this time in case they are a winner or a runner-up. Birmingham 2022 is not responsible for any delay or failure to receive the notification for any reason. It is the Entrant’s responsibility to provide accurate contact details and check messages.

21. Neither the Entrant nor the winning child or children or runners-up shall share the Content with any third parties once they receive notification from Birmingham 2022 that they are winners or the runners-up.

22. All winners and runners-up may be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement which prohibits the disclosure of any information in relation to the Competition. Failure to comply with this important obligation will result in immediate withdrawal from the competition.

23. Entrants who have not been successful will not be contacted.

24. Birmingham 2022 may require each winning school and/or youth group to be available for and participate in non-paid publicity activities with Birmingham 2022 between X 2022 and X 2022 which may include having their photograph taken for promotional purposes.


25. Prizes for the Competition are as follows (each a “Prize”):

(i) One school or youth group selected as the overall winner in each of the two categories will win a workshop to be presented at their school or youth group with a professional poet. This workshop will take place in the 2022 autumn school term, on a date to be agreed with the winning school or youth groups in advance (unfortunately we appreciate that current year 6 children will have moved on to secondary school but it is not possible to arrange this visit any earlier);

(ii) The two winning entries and the second and third placed runners-up in each of the two categories will:

    • have their poem and any audio recordings of poems submitted in the Entry Form presented on-screen at Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games festival sites;
    • receive a professionally printed copy of their poem or poems; and
    • receive personalised certificates for each child whose poem was submitted.

26. The printed poetry and personalised certificates will be posted to the overall winners and runners-up at the postal address supplied in the Entry Form in accordance with these Terms no later than 30 June 2022.

27. Prizes are non-refundable, not transferable and there is no alternative to the Prizes.

28. Birmingham 2022 shall not be responsible for reimbursing any costs incurred by the winning school or youth group (including, without limitation travel, accommodation and/or subsistence costs).


29. Contact details provided or submitted as part of your entry and any other personal information you submit, or we review in connection with your entry submission, will be used in accordance with our Our Voice Competition Privacy Notice, together with our main Birmingham 2022 Privacy Notice which can be found at:

30. Any decision of Birmingham 2022 is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.

31. Birmingham 2022 accepts no responsibility for entries that are incomplete, delayed, lost, damaged or unreadable/unviewable whether due to failure or non-availability of the website, the submission of incomplete information or any other reason.

32. Incomplete, late or illegible entries will be disqualified. Birmingham 2022 cannot take any responsibility for any technical failure or malfunction which may result in any entry being lost or not properly registered or recorded.

33. It is the responsibility of the Entrant to provide correct, up-to-date details when entering the Competition and upon acceptance of any Prize. Birmingham 2022 cannot be held responsible for the winners and runners-up failing to supply accurate information which then affects Prize acceptance or fulfilment of their Prize.

34. If an Entrant is unable to be contacted after reasonable attempts have been made to do so, and/or is unable to attend the publicity activities and/or is found to be in breach of the rules and/or does not provide the required documentation in accordance with these Terms, Birmingham 2022 reserves the right to offer their Prize to another Entrant.

35. All dates stated in these Terms are subject to change.

36. Birmingham 2022 reserves the right to cancel the Competition or any of these Terms at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, or if circumstances arise outside of its control, including, but not limited to using the winning entries.

37. Birmingham 2022 will award the Prize as described in these Terms, but Birmingham 2022 accepts no responsibility or liability for any use of the Prize.

38. Entry into the Competition is at the Entrant’s sole risk. To the extent permitted by law, Birmingham 2022 shall accept no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury, costs, expenses or claims (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) suffered by entrants or any third parties arising out of or in connection with the Competition and/or accepting a Prize. Birmingham 2022 further disclaims liability for any injury or damage to entrants or any other person relating to or resulting from participation with the Competition save that nothing in these Terms shall act to limit or exclude Birmingham 2022’s liability resulting from its negligence or fraud.

39. Birmingham 2022 (or its suppliers) reserves the right to make modifications to the winning and runner-up poems for a variety of purposes.

40. The names of the winning schools or youth groups and runners-up shall be available on request by contacting

41. The Competition and these Terms (including any non-contractual disputes or claims arising out of them) are subject to English law. Any disputes must be referred to the English courts.