1. Why is there a need to protect the brand?

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games (Birmingham 2022) respects the law and the intellectual property (‘IP’) of others and requests that you do the same.

The effective protection of the Birmingham 2022 brand is fundamental in relation to marketing Birmingham 2022, the successful attraction of partners and sponsors and the development of the commercial programme leading up to, during and relation to the Games.

The financing of the Games is drawn from public funding and through commercial partners and licensees that are offered an exclusive association with Birmingham 2022.

The extent to which partners can rely on the exclusivity of their rights will have an impact on revenue and, therefore, protecting and enforcing the brand is essential to maintaining the viability of Birmingham 2022 and future Games as a major international sporting event.

2. Who can use the Games’ Marks?

The official commercial partners, sponsors, suppliers and licensees of Birmingham 2022 will be permitted to use the Games Marks (e.g. the Games logo and the words “Birmingham 2022” and “B2022”), which are protected by a combination of registered trademarks, copyright, UK registered designs and common law, in accordance with the terms of their agreements with Birmingham 2022.

A number of non-commercial partners helping to deliver the Games also have the right to use the Games Marks.

3. Can I use the Games Marks in my business or on my website?

The commercial use of the Games Marks, and any other marks or logos which are confusingly similar to, or likely to be mistaken for them, is only permitted with the written authorisation of Birmingham 2022, which is generally only reserved for official sponsors, partners and licensees.
Rights Holders (e.g. official partners, sponsors and broadcasters) and Birmingham 2022 are the only parties who can use IP in any advertising, marketing or promotional material (e.g. a poster for a sponsored event; an event where any goods and services are sold or in the creation of items or products for sale (e.g. a t-shirt or mug).

Please contact Birmingham 2022 should you wish to obtain information on your proposed activities.

4. What specifically is prohibited use of the intellectual property of Birmingham 2022?

You cannot create or imply an association with Games through the use of the Games Marks without permission.

You cannot put on events or produce printed materials or otherwise distribute publications on the Internet which focus on the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games without permission.

You cannot exploit the interest in the Games by holding events or producing publications for commercial or marketing purposes without permission or authorisation from Birmingham 2022.

You cannot use any of the content at www.Birmingham2022.com, or similar, or any of the Games Marks or any of the IP on our site such as trademarks, copyrighted material, designs or other imagery unless you have obtained written authorisation from Birmingham 2022.

5. What is permitted-use of the intellectual property of the Commonwealth Games?

You can provide relevant and factual information. For example, refer people to official sources of information at www.Birmingham2022.com. If you wish to provide specialist or factual information on your website which is not included on our websites, please make it clear that such information, including any opinions expressed or advice given, is authored or comes from you and is not official Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games content.

Editorial use is permitted for non-commercial purposes, for example, in a newspaper or magazine article, blog or website or in a non-commercial presentation.

6. Can Community Groups or Cultural Organisations use the Games Marks?

A dedicated Community Brand Mark will be developed and made available to non-commercial community groups and cultural organisations in the coming months.

Once the Community Brand Mark has been revealed, organisations that can demonstrate that their goals or purpose are aligned with the Games Mission may be granted permission to use it.

When the Community Brand Mark is revealed more details regarding the application process will be posted on www.Birmingham2022.com.

7. Can I register a domain name using the Games Marks?

You cannot use the Games’ Marks in domain names to create an association with the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, as the term “Birmingham 2022” and parts thereof are owned by Birmingham 2022.

8. What is your website linking policy?

You may create a link to www.Birmingham2022.com in accordance with our linking policy. You may not use official Games Marks, emblems or imagery as an icon to link your website to www.Birmingham2022.com.

9. Can suppliers promote their involvement in the Games? 

A major benefit of staging the Games is a boost to the economy and the generation of thousands of business opportunities. We want suppliers to be proud of the contribution that they are making. However, to preserve the funding needed to stage Birmingham 2022, we must ensure that suppliers do not promote their involvement in a way which undermines the rights granted to official partners of Birmingham 2022 and the commercial investment they make.

Specific guidance can be found below in the No Marketing Rights Protocol and Rights of Association Guidelines.

Please contact Marketing@Birmingham2022.com for further information about brand protection.

No Marketing Rights Protocol



Rights of Association Guidelines



Advertising & Trading Act

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