What does a Nominating Organisation do?

The role of a Nominating Organisation is:

  • Nominating young people to participate in Gen22. To ensure that Gen22 is inclusive, we want your organisation to nominate young people to be part of the programme, rather than making an application themselves.
  • Supporting the young people that you have nominated to participate in Gen22. The amount and type of support participants need will vary greatly from person to person.  For some young people this might involve help planning the bus route they need to take to get to their Gen22 assignment, while for other young people it might take the form of a familiar face checking in and seeing how their assignment is going.  The Nominating Organisation will know best what support the young people they nominate need.  The Gen22 team have produced some general resources to assist Nominating Organisations.

Note: It is possible to be both a Nominating Organisation and an Assignment Provider. Find out more about being an Assignment Provider ›

If you would like to take a dual role, please email the Gen22 team at Gen22@Birmingham2022.com.

What are the criteria for young people to take part?

Gen22 is for young people who might otherwise struggle to access Games related opportunities. Barriers could include: lack of confidence; being a young carer or young parent; or having a criminal record.

Also, young people should not be in full-time employment. This does not preclude those with zero hours contracts or other irregular sources of work.

Young people must be aged 16 to 24 and be based in the West Midlands. (This includes the counties of Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands and Worcestershire.)  It’s appreciated that not every young person will have a fixed address.

Who can be a Nominating Organisation?

Nominating Organisations can be from any sector!  This includes: sport, charity, education, religious organisations, support organisations, CICs and commercial organisations.

The only pre-requisites for organisations are that they must:

  • Work with one or more young people who fulfil the criteria to participate in Gen22.
  • Have policies covering areas such as safeguarding (or be willing to develop these).
  • Be willing to engage and support participants in Gen22!

What are the benefits of being a Nominating Organisation?

Obviously, the main benefit is the young people you nominate having a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain employability boosting opportunities through the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games!
Find out more about the potential benefits for Young People ›

Nominating Organisations will be given a licence to use the Gen22 logo and brand if they meet eligibility criteria (these include being a non-profit organisation).

How do I become a Nominating Organisation?

  1. Complete the Application Form
  2. Information reviewed by the Gen22 Team
  3. Preliminary Gen22 Nomination Organisation status confirmed
  4. Agreement signed
  5. Gen22 Nominating Organisation license awarded
  6. Nomination of participants can begin!

The application form to become a Nominating Organisation can be found here.

I've got some additional questions

Please email the Gen22 Team at Gen22@Birmingham2022.com.