Who can be an Assignment Provider?

Assignment Providers host one or more young people (16-24) for their 30-hour volunteering assignment. The assignment will provide the chance for the young person to either undertake social action or experience the world of work.

The Assignment Provider will help the participant develop skills that will support them in their future through undertaking the assignment. These skills might include: initiative, personal organisation, teamwork, IT skills or role-specific competences.

Note: It is possible to be both a Nominating Organisation and an Assignment Provider. Find out more about being an Nominating Organisation ›

If you would like to take a dual role, please email the Gen22 team at Gen22@Birmingham2022.com.

Who can be an Assignment Provider?

Assignment Providers can be from any sector! This includes: sport, charity, education, religious organisations, support organisations, CICs and commercial organisations.

The only pre-requisites for organisations are that they must:

  • Not place Gen22 participants in roles involving illicit materials or services (including but not limited to: alcohol, drugs/ medication, tobacco, gambling etc)
  • Have policies covering areas such as safeguarding and data protection (or be willing to develop these).
  • Be willing to engage and support participants in Gen22!

What sort of Assignments are you looking for?

In total the volunteering assignment needs to last for 30 hours. This time needs to be spread over at least a month and some of the time can involve training to undertake the role.

Some assignments may need to take place at a set time and place, due to the nature of the role. For example, volunteering at an annual festival or helping at a sports club. By contrast, other assignments might be able to be undertaken more flexibly. For example, translating a website from English into a community language. Either option is absolutely fine!

The assignment should be connected to one or more of the following topics:

  • Physical activity and wellbeing (for example, helping at a local sports event or supporting pre-Games activation activities)
  • Creative (for example, painting murals in a community space or helping residents at a nursing home to do flower arranging)
  • Digital (for example, shadowing IT staff or scanning historical resources so they can be shared online).

If you have some ideas of opportunities that your organisation could offer that don’t fit into these topics, please email the Gen22 team at Gen22@Birmingham2022.com to look into different options.

What are the benefits of being an Assignment Provider?

Obviously, the main benefit is playing a crucial part in offering the young people you provide assignments to a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain employability boosting opportunities through the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games! Find out more about the potential benefits for Young People ›

Assignment Providers will be given a licence to use the Gen22 logo and brand if they meet eligibility criteria (these include being a non-profit organisation).

How do I become an Assignment Provider?

Gen22 is currently closed for applications from new Assignment Providers. If your organisation would like to offer assignments in the future, please email the Gen22 team on Gen22@Birmingham2022.com and you will be contacted when further opportunities arise.

Which organisations are currently Assignment Providers? 

Gen22 has partnered with 11 fantastic organisations who will together offer assignments across the West Midlands.

Active Black Country – Young people will be unskilled and supported to take leadership roles within their local sports club. Currently this is just in the Black Country, but will expand to include all of the Active Partnerships in the West Midlands.

Blue Jay Exchange CIC – Participants will co-create a historical piece of film, capturing local residents’ stories of coming to the UK, integrating, the challenges they have faced, and what the city of Birmingham means to them now. These young people from Sparkbrook, Birmingham, will be trained on industry standard film equipment.

Canal & River Trust – Assignments will be focused on mental health and wellbeing and take place across the West Midland’s network of waterways. Participants will either undertake their volunteering opportunities within existing teams or work as a cohort of young people to deliver a specific project. This will help develop their delivery skills and experience in managing projects.

Groundworks – Young people in cohorts of 12-15 will be supported to delivery meaningful social action projects that use environmental and climate action to boost mental wellbeing, build resilience and provide a stepping-stone into work, further learning or volunteering. This will take place across the West Midlands.

Centre Spot CIC – Young people from Wednesbury will be supported to design and implement their own social action projects. This might involve activities such as creative crafts sessions within care homes for elderly residence to planning a football tournament for local isolated residents.

National Citizen Service (NCS) – 216 young people have already completed Gen22 as part of a pilot scheme delivered in partnership with the NCS.  They undertook social action that was particularly relevant to their lived experiences, for example improving outdoor areas at their college. The NCS put particular focus on working with young people with special educational needs or disabilities, who made up 43% of participants on the pilot.

Positive Youth Foundation – Participants will be supported to undertake creative assignments within Coventry.  All assignments will be designed by the young people, and they will be encouraged to include a Commonwealth theme.

Sport4Life – Assignments will purposefully be youth-led.  Participants from across Birmingham will be supported to deliver social action projects that matter to them, and that are aligned to their passions, their locality and their interests within physical activity and wellbeing.

Sports Key – Young people will be supported to complete sports coaching qualifications.  They will then be able to either coach at existing sports sessions in the community or set up new activities in Birmingham.

Street Games – Young people will work with a number of identified doorstep sports clubs across the West Midlands to undertake physical activity related social action assignments.  The participants will come up with their own ideas.

The Inspire Group – Young people from Walsall will participate in assignments build around the three pillars of action Inspiring Sport, Engaging People, Empowering Communities. Participants will go on a journey of self-development.


I've got some additional questions

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