How will taking part in Gen22 help my young person?

Taking part in Gen22 offers young people (16-24) the opportunity to develop skills and experience in social action.  This will help them broaden their networks and develop greater understanding of opportunities available.

Gen22 participants will undertake a 30-hour volunteering assignment with a carefully selected organisation.  In addition, they will receive a package of wrap-around support such as mentoring to ensure they benefit as much as possible from their assignment. They will also. gain personal rewards, such as a ticket to a Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Event

How much does it cost?

It is FREE to take part in Gen22!

B2022 Gen22

How will they be kept safe?

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games has a safeguarding policy covering children and vulnerable adults and this will be followed.  This includes Gen22 staff having DBS checks.

All of our Nominating Organisations and Assignment Providers will also be required to have appropriate safeguarding policies and measures in place.

If you do have any concerns about your young person participating in Gen22 or have any safeguarding concerns about them or other participants, please email the Gen22 team at

How can they get involved?

Generally, young people are nominated to take part in Gen22 by an organisation that knows or works with them.  This could be a youth group, sports club, college, charity or support group.  However, if they are not yet part of such an organisation but would still like to take part, please email the Gen22 team at

I've got some additional questions

Please email the Gen22 team at