Sandwell Aquatics Centre Road Map

Sandwell Aquatics Centre

The new Sandwell Aquatics Centre will be home to Swimming, Para Swimming and Diving from 29 July to 8 August.

To keep you moving and ensure a smooth operation, in the run up to and during the Games there will be changes to the way you travel and park around competition venues, road races and some transport hubs. ​

​The parking restrictions are designed to protect residential streets, ensure you can access your homes safely and reduce spectator parking in restricted areas. ​

​To help reduce traffic in and around venues, spectators at the events will be encouraged to use public transport, with the cost included in their event tickets.

​These areas will be busier than usual so please plan ahead and look at alternatives to driving, like walking or cycling shorter journeys, taking public transport or travelling at a different time to avoid peak times.​

We will be continuously updating this area of the website as planning moves forward and we get closer to the Games, so keep coming back to see the latest information.

Road restrictions

The majority of the road restrictions described will be in place from Thursday 29 July until Tuesday 9 August.

However please note that from Thursday 21 July, the section of Londonderry Lane outside the Aquatics Centre (marked on the map in purple and yellow) will be one-way and only accessible with a permit.

Residents need to apply for their permits from Sandwell Council - see the 'Permits' section below for information on how to do this.

Public Transport

There will be some changes to timetables and routes so check before you travel and follow @TransportforWM for live updates. In the event of rail industrial action, the bus network will be extremely busy with demand from spectators, especially over the weekends.

Travel Advice

To keep you moving throughout the Games, check which areas, roads and rail routes will be busiest with our Travel Advice page.


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