Over 3,000 police officers will be working night and day to keep you safe during the Games. This includes over 2,000 officers from other UK forces.

Specialist teams will be based at every venue. These are led by special Security Co-Ordinator Inspectors who are specifically trained in planning for policing major events.

While West Midlands Police are focused on delivering a safe and secure Birmingham 2022, they'll also continue to serve the local communities preventing crime, protecting the public and helping those in need. 

To ensure you get regular updates from your local neighbourhood team in the lead up to and during the Games please sign up to wmnow.co.uk. 

If you need to speak to the police, for all non-emergencies you can contact them via Live Chat 

Emergency services 

All emergency services are working to ensure that normal services continue during the event period. Access within the restricted areas for emergency services will continue as normal.

In an emergency – call 999 for help with urgent and life-threatening conditions.

Non-emergency – call GPs for urgent, but not-emergency medical care.

Call 111 or visit 111.nhs.uk for advice when GP surgeries are closed.