Our previous update in October 2021 notified you about commencement of the enabling works for the temporary transport malls. We are pleased to inform you that the transport mall construction works are going to plan, and should be completed in May 2022. 

The next stage of the transport mall construction works involves development of a new junction on Church Road, adjacent to Perry Villa Drive. To facilitate installation of the new junction, there is a temporary single lane closure in place for a small section of Church Road, opposite the Tennis Court pub and adjacent to Perry Villa Drive. Traffic lights are being used to manage the flow of traffic. The adjacent footpath is also temporarily closed with pedestrians being asked to use the opposite footpath. These traffic management measures will be in place until around 14th March 2022. Nearby residents and businesses have been provided with advanced notice of the temporary traffic management measures. 

Utilities excavation works are also being undertaken on ‘Allotment Road’, the road which connects Church Road to the Alexander Stadium. To facilitate the utilities works, a temporary vehicular diversion was put in place along Allotment Road on 2nd February 2022 and will remain in place until 8th March 2022. The diversion requires vehicles accessing the Walsall Road Allotments or Alexander Stadium to pass through the main contractor’s security gate. The diversion is signposted and traffic marshals are on hand to manage access.  

Other temporary infrastructure works 

Over the next few months, the stadium will be transitioning into a Games Venue. This includes installation of lighting columns and lighting from early February. The lighting columns will be those required for the Games, following the Games the columns will be reduced in height. Temporary seating will then begin to be installed from late February. 

From May 2022 we will need to test the temporary floodlighting required for the Games, and additional lighting required for the opening and closing ceremonies. This testing will take place on an ad-hoc basis, but the extent of testing will be minimised to avoid disturbance to nearby residents wherever possible. The testing will be undertaken into the evening. 

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