The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will reach all corners of the West Midlands. There will be so many exciting events to attend either with a ticket or for free, the atmosphere will be palpable, and we hope you will come out, support the Games and be part of it.

However, if you live or work near a competition venue, festival site or road race event, it may impact the way you usually do things. 

To ensure a safe, secure and smooth operation, there'll be temporary restrictions in place in the lead up to and during the Games. These may include but not limited to: 

  • Parking controls
  • Restricted turns and/or road restrictions 
  • Permit access only roads
  • Diversions
  • No stopping, waiting and loading restrictions 
  • Suspension or relocation of bus stops/services 
  • Road closures

We will be continuously updating this area of the website as planning moves forward and we get closer to the Games, so keep coming back to see the latest information.

The maps below show the parking and road restrictions around Birmingham Venues, over the next few weeks this will grow to include all venues and areas of the West Midlands.