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About Sutton Park

Sutton Park was selected as the ideal venue for the Triathlon and Para Triathlon events with Powell’s Pool, the park and local roads providing the ideal topography required to host the three triathlon disciplines.

Located six miles north of the city centre, the park is a 2,400-acre national nature reserve and is one of the largest urban parks in Europe. It is also designated as a Scheduled Ancient Monument and a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

At 28 acres, Powell’s Pool is the biggest of seven lakes at the park and was originally created in 1730.

The recreational use of Sutton Park started in the 19th century with two horse racing courses created while a 18-hole golf course was set up in 1889.

The park has open heathland, woodlands, seven lakes, wetlands, and marshes - each with its own rich variety of plants and wildlife, some rarely seen in the region. Cattle and wild ponies also graze on the land.

Accessibility: We will have a range of temporary accessible facilities on site. With limited hard standing pathways, areas of the park may not be suitable for those with limited mobility or wheelchair and mobility scooter users.

  • Get Active

    If you’re travelling locally, walking or cycling will be the easiest way to get to the venue. There will be designated cycle parking available for ticket holders, but please remember bikes cannot be bought into the ticketed spectator area of the competition venue.

    The designated walking route from Sutton Coldfield station to the venue is shown on the map.

    Cycle hire is available across the West Midlands. Bikes are available 24/7, with docking stations at major bus, metro and train stations, visitor attractions and city or town centres.

  • Catch the Train

    Catch the train to Sutton Coldfield station. From there, you can walk to the venue along the designated walking route.

    Sutton Coldfield has step free access to all platforms and an assisted travel lounge. If you require assistance, please book this via the relevant train operator in advance of your journey. You can get the accessible shuttlebus between the station and venue.

  • Take the Bus

    Spectators should alight buses to Sutton Coldfield town centre and then use the designated walking route to the venue.

    Please check the Games Journey Planner for more detail on the best bus route to get to the venue. We aim to ensure all bus services are fully accessible and there will be assistance available for those requiring it.

  • Taxi and Private Hire

    There are no drop off or pick up points directly outside the venue entrance. There will be pick up and drop off points at Sutton Coldfield Town Centre and Sutton Coldfield Station which will be followed by a short walk to the venue. Please note, for onward accessible travel to the venue, please drop off at Sutton Coldfield Station.

  • Driving

    All existing venue car parks are closed for the event. There are temporary road closures and no parking, pick-up or drop of facilities at this venue except pre-booked blue badge parking.

    Spectators should make use of the event day pre-booked park and walk site.

    Details of how to book Blue Badge Parking will be available closer to the Games.

    Due to the limited number of blue badge parking spaces, we would advise using public transport wherever possible. Due to the distance to the park, there will be an accessible shuttlebus service running between the venue and Sutton Coldfield Station.

    Roads in the area are expected to be busy and will be subject to extensive road closures, this includes the roads on which the event takes place. These will be in place from about 0600 until 1800 on both Friday 29 July and Sunday 31 July.

    Vehicles will not be able to cross the course once it is closed however pedestrians will be able to cross at designated points. >here.

What to expect

Combining swimming, cycling and running, Triathlon is a true test of fitness, tactics and endurance.

Athletes will jostle for position in the open water, transition to the bike for an arduous cycling leg, then they switch to running for the final discipline.

Alongside the men’s and women’s races there is a mixed relay and two Para triathlon competitions. At Birmingham 2022 the Para events are for PTVI athletes, a classification for athletes with a visual impairment.

In addition to the sport there will be plenty to see and do at the venue. You can take part in our ‘have a go’ activities and maybe even meet an athlete or Perry the Bull, Birmingham 2022’s official mascot.

About The Route


  • The Triathlon swim section of the event will take place in Powell’s Pool in Sutton Park, starting on a purpose-built pontoon
  • The athletes will run from the swim course into transition within Sutton Park


  • The cycling section of the course is 5km in length and starts within Sutton Park.
  • Each individual athlete will complete 4 laps of the cycling course, except for the mixed relay event in which each athlete will complete a single lap.
  • When cycling the athletes will exit the park via Stonehouse Road and head straight onto Boldmere Road, passing through Boldmere High Street which will be a key area for spectators
  • The course will then turn right off Boldmere Road at Antrobus Road and loop back around to Jockey Road, before turning back onto Monmouth Drive and cycle past Boldmere Golf Course
  • The athletes will turn back onto Stonehouse drive then into the Sutton Park, before either heading to the turnaround point or the dismount line, both located within the venue


  • The entire route for the running section is located within Sutton Park. It is 2.5km in length, with each athlete completing two laps (apart from in the mixed relay), with a turnaround point within the venue

Men, Women & Para

Mixed Relay

Swim - 750m

Cycle - 20km ( 4 x 5km lap)

Run - 5km (2 laps of 2.5km)

Swim - 300m

Cycle - 4 laps of 5km (1 per athlete)

Run - 2km (1 per athlete)



About the area - What to do and where to stay

The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield is one of the leafiest places in which to live in the UK. Excluding private gardens, more than half of the Town’s total land area is greenspace. Sutton Park, one of the largest urban parks in Europe at almost 10km2, accounts for around 17% of this total but there are many other important green spaces in the Town.

Woodland and trees are an important feature of the Town’s landscape and Sutton Coldfield is home to over half a million trees: more than five for every person living in the local area.

The town centre has a significant concentration of retail and other businesses, including the Gracechurch Centre and the Red Rose Centre. There is also a range of other bustling local areas within the town boundaries and the town is well connected with good access to the motorway network and a frequent rail service on the line which runs between Birmingham city centre and Lichfield.  

To find out more about what is on in the local area, please visit:  


Games begin in:


28 July - 8 August 2022