We want to provide all ticket purchasers with the best possible experience, so here's some information about our different ticket price categories and details of how you can find your seat in each venue.

Price categories

As mentioned when booking your tickets, Birmingham 2022 has a maximum of five price categories per session. Where a session has more than one price band available, your ticket category will give an indication of your proximity to the field of play. Category A tickets will be closest to the action and category E tickets will be in the upper tiers of venues.

This also takes into account which events are taking place within a session, which is especially important for Athletics and Para Athletics, where the action takes place across the entire stadium.

Venue Seating

Your tickets will be added to your ticketing account and each one will stipulate a block, row and seat. All seating blocks start with row A, which is at the front of seating block, closest to the field play.

To help allow more fans to experience Birmingham 2022, a number of our venues have added temporary seats. As a result, some seats could be subject to change but don’t worry, if we need to relocate you, you will be notified of the change and be provided with information about how you can access your new tickets.

Do I need to sit in a specific seat?

As mentioned at the time of your booking, all sessions are either reserved seating or general admission. For a session that is reserved seating you will be required to sit in the specific seat that is shown on your ticket.

If you have booked a general admission session, your ticket will allow you access into a certain area, meaning ticket holders can sit in any available seat in the designated area shown on your ticket. For these sessions, your ticket will not contain a specific row or seat number, so please make sure you check your tickets.

Accessible Seating

If you have booked an accessible ticket, here is a reminder of the information that was shared at the time of booking:

  • Easy access tickets are located in easy to get to areas within the seating for each price category. These are mainly on aisles, meaning the fewest number of steps are required to get to your seats.
  • If you have confirmed that you have a visual impairment, your tickets will be in the easy access seats, primarily at the front of a stand. If you have confirmed you have a hearing impairment, your tickets have been allocated within the purchased price category.
  • All companion tickets will be allocated next to the accessible seat that has been booked
  • Wheelchair tickets are located in the wheelchair bays only
  • If you have purchased tickets and indicated you have an assistance dog, your tickets will be located in the wheelchair bay, meaning there is room for your dog to be comfortable while you enjoy the action

Please click here to read further details of our accessible ticketing.

Where are my tickets in the venue?

You can explore where you are sitting and how to get to the venue here where maps of each venue are available.

If you have any concerns regarding your tickets, please contact us via the Help Centre.