Birmingham 2022 takes spectator access needs very seriously. We are pleased to offer online bookings for spectators with accessibility requirements. In addition to our Contact Centre, you can contact our team.

How to apply for accessible tickets in the Ballot
1. Create a Ticketing Account

Anyone wishing to apply for tickets for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games is required to create a ticketing account. You can complete this online, or contact us for assistance.

As part of the registration process we will ask you to provide more information about your accessibility requirements. Capturing these requirements as part of the registration process will help us to best meet your requirements when you apply for tickets, enable you to select the required price categories and enable us to best suit your requirements when assigning seats to those successful in the ticket ballot.

2. Plan Your Games

The event takes place over 11 days. Each day is broken down into sessions. If you’re successful in the ballot, each ticket will provide access to one of the sessions that you applied for.

As we are running a ticket ballot, it’s not first come, first served, so talk to your friends and family and take your time to decide the tickets you want to apply for. Ticket prices start from £8 for under 16s and £15 for adults. You will be able to view all prices when you log in.

If you or a member of your party has accessible requirements, ensure you have selected all the relevant requirements when creating your ticketing account. This will enable you to view the applicable price categories. Accessibility requirements can be updated on the My Account section. If you require any assistance with your application, contact us.

3. Select the sessions and tickets you want to apply for 

To complete your application, you will need to select the sessions, the number of tickets, and the price of the tickets you would like to apply for. You can apply for multiple sessions. It’s not a lucky dip, so if you request tickets for netball you won’t be given tickets for table tennis. If you ask for four tickets to a session, you will either be successful or unsuccessful in your application for all four tickets. You will not be offered one, two or three tickets instead.

  • If you are a Wheelchair User or attending with an Assistance Dog, ensure this is ticked within the accessibility requirements section on the My Account section. Then when applying for tickets, select ‘Category Accessible’ tickets. This price category is only visible to those who have confirmed in their account that they are a wheelchair user or attending with an Assistance Dog. If you also require a companion, please also select ‘Category Accessible – Companion’. If you wish to purchase additional tickets for other members of your party who are not wheelchair users or attending with an Assistance Dog, you can do so by selecting any of the ‘Category A, B, C etc.’ prices available. If successful, we will endeavour to seat any other members of your party as close to you as possible.
  • If you require easy access seating or confirmed that you have a visual or hearing impairment, simply select the ‘Category’ or ‘Category – Under 16’ ticket(s) you wish to purchase. Please note Under 16 tickets can only be purchased with an adult ticket in the same price category.
  • If you require a companion ticket and are not a wheelchair user, please tick the companion box within the accessibility requirements on the My Account page. When applying for tickets, select the ‘Category – Companion’ option for the price category you have selected. For example, if you have selected a ‘Category B’ or ‘Category B – Under 16’ ticket and require a companion you would also need to add a ‘Category B – Companion’ ticket to your basket.

Only one application can be submitted. If you change your mind about which tickets to apply for, simply withdraw the application and re-submit a new one. Just make sure you’ve submitted an application you’re happy with before the ballot closing date.

If you experience any difficulties when applying for tickets, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us.

Accessible Ticketing Policy

Please note: all tickets are subject to availability and terms and conditions apply.  Registering a ticketing account does not automatically entitle you to tickets.

There will still be our Contact Centre for those who prefer to use the phone and for complex booking requirements.

You may request an additional ticket for a companion at no extra cost to you. All companion tickets will be allocated next to the accessible seat. Offering companion ticket(s) presents a risk of fraud if not handled carefully and companion ticket(s) are only available to eligible spectators. To ensure the right tickets go to the right spectators, measures will be placed to ensure the scheme is not misused. These measures may include us asking for evidence to support a spectator’s requirement.

Below is a list of the type of documentation that we may ask you to provide:

  • PIP (Personal Independence Payment)
  • DLA (Disability Living Allowance)
  • Letter from a medical professional (A Doctor’s note or a letter from an occupational therapist)
  • Carers Allowance
  • Social Services letter – Confirmation in writing from Social Services that the individual is included on their Deaf Register, or a letter or report from an aural specialist confirming that hearing loss has been recorded at 70 – 95 dBHL or worse.
  • War Pensioners Mobility allowance
  • Blind or partially sighted registration certificate (BD8 or CVI certificate)
  • A personal letter from the GP, community nurse or social worker
  • Benefit award letters

Further information on our Accessible Ticketing Policy will released in the lead up to tickets for Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games going on-sale this summer.