The county town of Warwickshire’ is famous for its magnificent castle and historic charm.​ Warwick is a pretty and intriguing town, steeped in history and heritage with many wonderful things to see and do. You can enjoy a calendar of diverse and exciting events throughout the year, including the popular Folk Festival, Beer Festival, Thai festival and Literary Festivals.

As well as these wonderful festivals we have the honour to host a Commonwealth Games Festival Site. Throughout the 13 days while the games are on from 10am till 10pm you will be able to watch live sport in the market square.  Come experience the green picnic area in front of the screen in the beautiful market square.

During the week there will be sport or cultural activities to entertain families and children between 11am and 1pm and 3-5pm.  While you are here in Warwick there are numerous local independent shops, restaurants, and eateries to make your visit one to remember.

While visiting the Festival Site you can explore the wider town it is graced with a wide variety of attractive parks and gardens, both privately and publicly owned.  They range from the charming Victorian Hill Close Gardens, the Master’s Garden at the Lord Leycester Hospital and the spectacular Mill Garden to the public spaces of Priory Park, St Nicholas Park and the Pageant Garden.

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Accessibility Information: As the festival site is in the Centre of the town there is disabled parking on street in close proximity to the site as well as a Taxi Rank, bus station and short 15 minute walk to Warwick Train Station.

Please note: As Warwick is hosting the Road Race on Sunday 7 August the festival site will open earlier at 8AM. Please also be aware that Warwick will be surrounded in hard road closures on this Sunday, so plan your trip in advance as vehicle access is limited into town. Parking is available at Warwick Technology Park on this Sunday for the Road Race and can be booked and paid for in advance via

This car park is approximately 20 minutes walk from the Festival Site, this platform also allows for disabled parking to be booked on the race day.