Break Mission and Eric Scutaro present Queer-side

Break Mission and Eric Scutaro (House Of Scutaro) present Queer-side, a celebration of identity and individuality from the Queer Community. Through an inclusive line up of acts from the Ballroom and Hip-Hop communies, they will offer an iconic and proudly visible platform for queer performance, and will be a momentous live experience, filled with intersectional artists. 

Programme highlights include; Kimmy Beatbox, a phenomenal talent no stranger to Birmingham’s stages; drag performances from Barbs and Beau Jangles; electric dance performances from the Welsh Ballroom Society; headline sets from Brum legend Sanity and renowned Parisian DJ Lazy Flow; dance workshops; a brand new digital photography commission celebrating queer representation and visibility, and more!

14:35-15:15 Mystic Meg

Hailing from Birmingham, Mystic Meg is at the beginning of her musical journey but is a powerhouse of a DJ! Playing genres such as Funky House, Garage, DnB and other styles whilst maintaining a unique style.  Her musical tastes have been influenced by her travels across Europe, resulting in head-banging mixes being aired over numerous radio stations..

15:20-16:00 Spit XL

Spit XL is a DJ like no other. Championing intersectionality as a a queer Bangladeshi Producer and DJ, Spit XL’s unique talents sees beats and sounds deconstructed. 

16:05-16:25 Beau Jangles 

Beau Jangles is the vintage-style king-about-town whom The Guardian has called ‘a compelling host’. Beau blends drag, comedy, live singing, and old-school charm.

16:30-17:00 Kimmy BeatBox ft. TrueMendous 

Kimmy made it to the top 4 in the UK Beatbox Championships 2019 and was the first non-male to rise to this level  in over 10 years. Working on creating original tracks with beatboxing and singing using a loop station, Kimmy is aiming to release their first track by the end of 2022.

17:05-17:20 Waack In Birmingham

Workshops and performances led by Eric Scutaro.

18:50-19:40 Ryan Lanjii

Ryan Lanji is an in demand cultural producer; from his first East London show, ‘NAILPHILIA’ (the world’s first nail art exhibition, 2011) to his most recent exhibition ‘Conservation Couture: The Animal Ball’, Curator Ryan Lanji has collaborated with many  in the Fashion industry and started a movement of culture through exhibitions. 

His efforts to raise awareness of visibility in th LGBTQIA community through culture and creativity have made him an important public figure in this space. He is regularly booked as an ambassador hosting talks, events and exhibitions, amplifying the voices in the South Asian LGBTQIA+ community.  

In 2016 Lanji created HUNGAMA, East London’s Queer Bollywood Hip/Hop night. He has captured the worlds attention, championing Queer/Creative South Asians by building  the night from the ground up and taking the party  to Ministry of Sound, British Vogue, The V&A, Soho House and the Tate Modern.

Ryan is the winning Champion of Netflix's 'The Big Flower Fight' released in 2020 and will be hosting the new BBC THREE series 'The Big Proud Party Agency' shooting later this year.

20:05-20:25 Welsh Ballroom Community

With Ballroom Communities all around the world, Cardiff has now become Wales’ first epicentre for Ballroom culture and has amassed a small but thriving community. Since its creation, Ballroom culture has played an extremely important role in American LGBTQ+ communities especially, with participants forming ‘houses’ that functioned as an extended family. 

The Welsh Ballroom Community has already received international recognition since its creation during the lockdown in 2020. Founded by Leighton Rees and supported by Kyle London Tisci from The Impeccable Haus Of Tisci, the community has evolved into a vibrant celebration of queer identity and offers a safe space for people to connect..

20:30-20:55 Oya Batucada and Samba Dance Birmingham

Inspired by Brazil - made in Birmingham! Birmingham's finest Samba band brings the heat to Smithfield Festival site, with glittering dancers and an explosive horn section. Joining them will be the electric Samba Dance Birmingham - home of Brazilian Carnival Dance in Birmingham. Specialising in Samba No Pé - a dance style which is beautiful, fast and energetic - bring your sequins and feathers and join the party!

21:00-21:25 Sanity

Sanity embodies storytelling as an art form, encased within a distinctive blend of grime, hip-hop and jazz. Sanity is at the  front-and-centre of Birmingham’s creative scene and brings powerful messages backed by unconventional instrumentals.

Sanity's sharp commentary has a fearless instinct, navigating current themes from empowerment to self-examination. Ever since the artist took to the stage at the 2018 Commonwealth Games closing ceremony in Australia, her bold authenticity has captured global audiences. 

21:50-22:30 DJ Lazy Flow

French producer and DJ Lazy Flow connects styles from the history of the dancefloor.. DJ Lazy Flow’s tracks combine Hip Hop, Gala and Afro House. Resident of the most feverish party in Paris, La Créole, his DJ sets are celebrations, for all , led by dancers who push their bodies to the limits, mirroring the music. This technical virtuosity, combined with relentless daily work in the studio, gives his performances something magical, rare, both demanding and unifying.

Plus look out for all of our daily activities: Each day at 2:15pm, Pride House will host interviews on our Beacon Stage with queer athletes participating across the Games. Whilst just scratching the surface on their experience, we want to offer a visible platform to celebrate the athletes and the work Pride House are doing during the Games. 

Take time to explore our Spaghetti Junction inspired brand new inflatable art installation, watch live sports from across the games on our big screen, play table tennis against a robot, stumble on circus performances and watch a host of brand new films, music videos and digital commissions screening throughout the day, including a fantastic new digital visual spectacular every day at 6pm. 

We’re also playing host to daily performances from acclaimed dance-circus ensemble Motionhouse, who will be bringing back the unique and spectacular globe from our Festival opening show, Wondrous Stories. Plus look out for a living green space within the heart of Smithfield, created by the National Trust and featuring more than 70 young trees, colourful benches and hammocks, the installation provides somewhere visitors can connect with the natural world, relax and play in between the Games’ high-energy events.