Swingamajig is a party like no other - taking the sounds and styles from the roaring 1920′s, and fusing them with a modern twist. With an eclectic blend of vintage-inspired music, dance, and cabaret, get ready to party like it’s 1929.

Taking over the Beacon Stage at Smithfield, you will be treated to live performances from DJs, vintage inspired dance moments and award-winning circus, cabaret and walkabout acts. Get those hips moving too with our mass hula-hooping, and dance and stomp along to Birmingham’s own Heavy Beat Brass Band - an eight piece marching band remixing funk, pop and hot jazz.

They will perform along with an incredible DJ line up fusing big bass-driven beats and vintage sounds, including The C@ In The H@,  Mr FX and fiery party starter, Emma Clair.

Phat Sam (throughout the day)

With numerous tracks under his belt, PHAT SAM is committed to bringing the swing with his energetic DJ sets packed full of whistle blowing, foot stomping beats.

C@ in the H@  (throughout the day)

Hailing from Birmingham C@ in the H@ (pronounced: Cat in the Hat), is a DJ & Producer who creates a fusion of early twentieth century swing and jazz, and chunky twenty-first century beats with bouncy electronic bass..

Tom ESC (throughout the day)

​Guitarist from Electric Swing Circus and Creative Director at Swingamajig, Tom ESC’s DJ sets are all about vintage music and bringing the fun through a trip down memory lane. An eclectic mix for anyone who wants to move their feet, Tom brings fun and passion to the dancefloor. 

Emma Clair (throughout the day)

In a world where dance music is filled with moody shots of DJs dressed in black, Emma is the total antithesis to this, delivering a concoction of old-skool sounds fused with acid lines, euphoric synths and vocal cuts.

Mr FX (throughout the day)

Hailing from Dudley, Mr FX has been rocking the mic from an early age. Representing Playaz Cliq, his onstage energy is captivating, embodying the essence of what it means to be a real hip hop freestyle MC.

Heavy Beat Brass Band 14:30-14:50, 15:30-15:50 and 16:30-16:50

Heavy Beat Brass Band is an 8 piece New Orleans style brass band, based in Birmingham. Remixing modern jazz, pop and funk, with the heavy sounds of New Orleans, the HBBB will bring a loud and proud sound to the Festival Site.

Professor Elemental 19:00-19:20, 20:00-20:20 and 21:00-21:20 

Welcome to the world of Professor Elemental. An award winning hip hop artist and accomplished host, the Professor has performed all over the world, from festivals, hip hop shows and bizarre burlesque. On stage the Professor is a wild combination of music and comedy.

Sam Wooster

Sam Wooster is a multidisciplinary artist based in Birmingham. He has performed in a wide variety of settings including live performance, mixed media collaborations and modern theatre and dance. Sam has toured internationally with Oxbow, C.W.Stoneking, The Destroyers, Delta Autumn & Young Pilgrims, performing on television and at numerous festivals.

Plus look out for all of our daily activities: Each day at 2:15pm, Pride House will host interviews on our Beacon Stage with queer athletes participating across the Games. Whilst just scratching the surface on their experience, we want to offer a visible platform to celebrate the athletes and the work Pride House are doing during the Games. 

Take time to explore our Spaghetti Junction inspired brand new inflatable art installation, watch live sports from across the games on our big screen, play table tennis against a robot, stumble on circus performances and watch a host of brand new films, music videos and digital commissions screening throughout the day, including a fantastic new digital visual spectacular every day at 6pm. 

We’re also playing host to daily performances from acclaimed dance-circus ensemble Motionhouse, who will be bringing back the unique and spectacular globe from our Festival opening show, Wondrous Stories. Plus look out for a living green space within the heart of Smithfield, created by the National Trust and featuring more than 70 young trees, colourful benches and hammocks, the installation provides somewhere visitors can connect with the natural world, relax and play in between the Games’ high-energy events.