InUnity has been working with a group of young people in year 9 and 10 from Ark Kings Academy over the summer of 2022. The group of seven worked with Amber Music Group, a highly regarded online and in-person service provided by practitioner Nicole Justice who has over ten years of experience as a lecturer, consultant, and musician.

They developed a piece of original music and develop new technical music and personal skills by collaborating on a creative piece together. This group have not had many opportunities to develop their creative expression, so this was a refreshing and energising space for them to develop their voices, build new relationships and create something they were truly proud of. By giving this group a space to contribute and participate in the Games, they have increased their connection to Birmingham and each other in a meaningful way.

Listen to: 

Aquatic Vibes 

I Don't Like The Way You

A Creative City Project generously funded by Birmingham City Council.

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