Memorials, monuments, sculptures, and statues. Every city has them. But why? 

Holosphere and Second Home Studios have teamed up to create Set in Stone? a mobile augmented reality (AR) experience for individuals to discover how they view some of the city's most iconic, most artistically inspired, or perhaps most controversial statues. 

Set in Stone? is a guided journey through the heart of the ever-evolving city, from Chamberlain Square to Centenary Square. The experience pauses at three stops to learn how three icons came to be part of the Birmingham landscape, what they represent, and how they were received. 

Using a combination of geolocation technology, AR, and 3D/CG animation, users will be prompted to think about how they personally feel about the statues. Are they viewing a key piece of history? Or do they find themselves interpreting a piece of art? How do they belong in the current socio-political context? Or are they just street furniture to be ignored? 

Set in Stone? is a new and exciting use of technology and animation, creating thought-provoking scenarios and exploring the fragments of history which remain from previous generations. 

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Generously supported by Create Central, Arts Council England and The National Lottery Heritage Fund.