This project engages with Women’s Peer Support and Social Group members to work with Magdalena Jasiak and Hira Butt to create a tapestry-like textile referring to strong and safe communities and spaces for women.

The community members will be given space to have a voice, raising awareness of their issues, growing their self-esteem and confidence. The artists are aware of the specific areas the Women’s Peer Support members are interested in, which is: to explore self-image and use the project as a place for self-expression through traditional craft skills.

Stryx Gallery wants the community and the artists to collaborate with each other by creating a series of contemporary artisan meetings inspired by past times women's meetup groups, during which the women produced work and discussed womens business freely. Those meetings created space for improving health & wellbeing, raising their physical activity levels, building connections with others and improving their creativity. During the contemporary artisan meetups the community and the artists will engage in discussions around the subjects matters important to each individual group member, whilst participating in artistic wellbeing activities, creating positive affirmations and building new connections.

A Creative City Project generously funded by Birmingham City Council


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