4600 Gifts is a unique, ambitious project to welcome 4600+ athletes arriving from the Commonwealth, commemorating their visit to the region and reflecting Birmingham as a city of diverse skills, cultures and stories.

Led by artists and designers Laura Nyahuye, Pottinger & Cole, Mahawa Keita and Kalandra McFarquhar, residents are invited to take part in a series of community crafting events. Together we will place a personalised gift and message of welcome – made by the people of Birmingham – into the hands of every athlete.

The project illustrates that everyone has gifts to offer and, in re-inventing the idea of Birmingham as the ‘workshop of the world’, demonstrates the power of making to build community.

About The Gifts

All gifts are made from metal washers upcycled by wrapping, stitching and knotting with yarn. The artistic team have developed the gifts so people with minimum craft skills can have a go – and those who are more experienced can embellish their gifts and show off their skills.

The colourful yarns are chosen to reflect the flags of the Commonwealth nations and territories.


To join in sign up at craftspace.co.uk/4600gifts and make this a collective moment to remember.

Generously supported by Arts Council England and The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Date & Time


Booking Link

Tuesday 21 June, 11.30AM-12.30PM, 12.45PM-1.45PM, Walsall Leather Museum Book Here
Saturday 25 June, 11.15AM-12.15PM, 12.30PM-1.30PM, 1.45PM-2.45PM Bearwood Hub: St Mary's Church Book Here
Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd July Grand Central, Birmingham  Book Here