Origin is a series of powerful and inspiring films starring elite athletes and aspiring youth from different cultural backgrounds in Birmingham. Seamlessly cutting between role model and young athlete as if to suggest they could be the same person, the films look at the idea that anyone can achieve their dreams, regardless of background.

Sport is a powerful motivator, bringing people together across cultures. Origin portrays the intense psychological and physical preparation of athletes in different fields, and also shows how sport is a vehicle to unify. The films offer a contemporary take on the idea of Commonwealth, and explore what it means to represent Great Britain, whilst interrogating its cultural heritages and influences. Together, the films reinforce the identity of Birmingham as a multi-cultural dynamic city.

Ravi Deepres is an award-winning artist, photographer and film-maker.

Website: ravideepres.com

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Generously supported by Arts Council England and The National Lottery Heritage Fund.