Our Legacy for Individuals

Eight areas of our Legacy plans are particularly relevant to Individuals. Explore them below, or view all 10 areas of our Legacy.


From those meeting and greeting on the front line to backstage heroes, and specialists like paramedics, the 12,500+ volunteers will be one of the largest workforce groups

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Community Cohesion, Inclusion, & Pride

Birmingham is a diverse, welcoming, and inclusive place and the Games will be a moment to celebrate our distinct identity

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Creative & Cultural Participation

The power of art and creativity in the context of sporting moments is unbeatable

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Jobs & Skills

The Games will create around 35,000 new jobs and skills opportunities, including volunteering roles and training opportunities

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Learning Programme

The Games offers children and young people a once in a lifetime chance to expand horizons and learn from others

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Physical Activity & Wellbeing

Targeted opportunities for the people of the West Midlands to improve and sustain levels of physical activity

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Social Value

This is the first Commonwealth Games to embed a Social Values Charter and we believe it will set the bar for future host cities

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Venues & Infrastructure

Ensure that the Games leave a sporting legacy and venues and facilities are developed for community use

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