As the Games for Everyone we would like our legacy for the Youth Programme to mean that every child and young person in Birmingham and the West Midlands has the chance to be involved with and be excited by the Games. In total we want to directly engage at least one million children and young people, aged 5-25. We want the Youth Programme to complement the curriculum to widen knowledge, improve access to sport and exercise, help boost confidence and resilience, and help children and young people acquire new skills.

This is an opportunity to give young people a voice, help them be able to make a positive difference, and be ready to tackle life’s challenges. The Games can be a catalyst to inspire, empower, and activate young people to embrace civic engagement, contribute to community cohesion and improve their happiness and wellbeing.

How we intend to do this

As the host city, Birmingham City Council (BCC) is partnering with the Organising Committee (OC) to support the programme and enable hundreds of Birmingham schools to get involved with this major sporting and cultural event. It will connect Birmingham’s children and young people directly with the Games. Working together, the OC, BCC and other local authorities want to use the once-in-a-generation platform of hosting the Games to inspire and engage learning.

For Communities

The Youth Programme will offer all schools in the region, as well as other areas of the UK and the Commonwealth, a way to be involved in and engage with the Games through a digital offering.

In school learning activities will be devised with teachers in the region and will support the city to build anticipation and momentum in the lead up to the Games, ensuring communities across Birmingham are aware of the opportunities for families and young people to get involved.

Our learning activities for schools will include:

  • Classroom resources on the Commonwealth.

  • B2022 tailored curriculum content, lesson activities, and projects.

  • Coordinated opportunities for young people to access the Games assets.

  • Issue based workshops for young people in schools and community groups.

  • Teacher development and family outreach.

  • School visits by athletes.

  • Inter-school community cohesion programmes linked to sport and culture.

  • Partner opportunities with Games supporters.

For Individuals

The Youth Programme will connect the Games to children and young people as well as providing an additional way to bring the Games to communities across Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Complementary to the national curriculum the programme will aim to go beyond the classroom to lay the foundations for and amplify/develop existing skills and we hope this will help young people, their families and supporting adults to:

  • Access unique ways to participate in the Games, including through sport and culture.

  • Raise aspirations and create an increased sense of purpose.

  • Accelerate awareness of and improve mental wellbeing.

  • Encourage increased physical activity and exercise, and group participation.

  • Gain new skills and enhance experience and enjoyment of education.

  • Gain access to Games related skills and employability opportunities.

Inspire, empower, and activate young people

As the Games for Everyone we are not afraid to take on the big issues. The programme will create space for the voices and views of young people to be heard and reflected through social action opportunities and projects.

Specific benefits to children and young people will include:

  • Strengthening community connections and cohesion after a period of extended isolation.

  • Expand cultural participation and develop a cultural understanding and knowledge of the Commonwealth, including history and heritage.

  • Celebrate the role of young people in society and increase civic pride as a young resident of Birmingham and the West Midlands.

  • Showcase real diversity and build tolerance and respect.