Triathlon requires its competitors to become masters of three very different endurance disciplines, making it one of the most physically demanding events in world sport.

The race begins with an open water swim and transitions into a cycle ride, before finishing with a lung busting run to the end. The first across the finish line wins.

Gold Coast 2018’s triathlon was contested at the ‘sprint distance’ of a 750m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run. This fast and frenetic version of the event will be retained at Birmingham 2022, ensuring maximum excitement for spectators.

There are five medal events in the Birmingham 2022 Triathlon competition; Individual Women, Individual Men, Para Individual Women, Para Individual Men and a ‘Mixed Team Relay’ event. The Mixed Team Relay comprises teams of two men and two women. Starting with a man, they then alternate, with each athlete completing a 300 metre swin, 5km cycle and 2km run before tagging their teammate in a relay format.

Previous Commonwealth Games Appearances

Triathlon will make its third successive Commonwealth Games appearance at Birmingham 2022. After debuting at Manchester 2002, it remained on the programme at Melbourne 2006, but did not make another appearance until Glasgow 2014. Para Triathlon made its Games debut at Gold Coast 2018.