Boxing is an enticing blend of speed, stamina, strength, and skill as competitors go toe to toe in the ring.

Over three rounds, boxers combine fancy footwork with elite evasive skills as they look for the right moments to strike in this test of mental and physical fortitude.

Boxing is one of six sports at the first version of the Commonwealth Games in 1930 and has been contested at every Games since. Women’s boxing made its debut at Glasgow in 2014.

Men’s bouts cover 10 categories ranging from 49kg Flyweights to the Super Heavyweights in the 91kg-plus division. The women cover six weight categories ranging from 48kg to 75kg.

Each bout goes for three rounds. Each round lasts three minutes, with a one-minute break between rounds. 

Five judges score each round, with the winner of every round being awarded 10 points. The boxer with the most points wins unless there is a knockout or a technical knockout.

More information on Boxing, the venue and the number of medals will be available soon.

Boxing Facts

  • 915 medals have been handed out to 41 nations and territories. England tops the table with 136 (62 gold, 31 silver and 43 bronze medals) followed by Canada with 92 (26, 23, 43).
  • The competition is a knockout format, with the winner of each bout moving to the next round. 
  • Bronze medals are given to both fighters that lose the semi-final bouts.
  • There were 231 boxers from 55 nations and territories competing at Birmingham 2022 and there were 64 medallists from 19 nations and territories.
  • The Queensbury rules, which are still used today, were established in 1867.
  • Hollywood actor Liam Neeson was an amateur boxing champion. He was crowned champion of Northern Ireland three times and won around 30 of his 40 bouts.