Gi Group is one of the world’s leading companies providing services for the development of the labour market. Our mission is to contribute meaningfully to the evolution of this whilst emphasising the personal and social value of work for all.

Through direct presence and strategic partnerships, Gi Group operates in more than 57 countries across Europe, APAC, the Americas and Africa. With a team of more than 5,000 colleagues around the world, our global model, solutions and our expertise in a full range of industries and sectors enables us to provide valuable insight and specialised services to both international and local businesses.

Gi Group‘s global and local portfolio of HR capital business entities provides turnkey solutions for recruitment process outsourcing and HR consultancy services.

Our values, at the heart of every relationship, are expert, human and simple. Together with our clients we craft and build market-leading recruitment solutions to deliver the very best competitive advantage for our clients and their businesses.

By offering true end to end HR services to clients and individuals we will contribute meaningfully to the development of the future of work.


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