University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham will have two functions at Games times. From 22 July to 11 August the Athletes Village will host competitors from across the world, and from 28 July to 8 August it will be home to Hockey and Squash. In the run up to, and during this time, there will be restrictions in place to support the operation of the Games and reduce the impact on local residents and businesses.

The map above shows where restrictions will be and what they will mean to you if you live or work on an impacted road.

Restricted access to Vale Village from 14 July

There will be no public access to the Vale Village or Tennis Courts between Thursday 14 July and Thursday 11 August, due to the security operation in the area.

There will be an increase in activity on site from the weekend of Saturday 9 / Sunday 10 Juy, with additional vehicle movements in the area, so we would discourage recreational use of the Vale Village from this time.

Access into Vale Village from the canal towpath will be closed from Thursday 14 July until Thursday 11 August, but the canal towpath itself will remain open. The nearest access to/from the canal towpath will be at Five Ways Station or Somerset Road.

Travel Advice

To keep you moving throughout the Games, check which areas, roads and rail routes will be busiest with our Travel Advice page.


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