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Sutton Park

Sutton Park will be home to the Triathlon and Para Triathlon from 29 July to 31 July. In the run up to, and during this time, there will be road restrictions in place and some roads will be closed to support the operation of the events and reduce the impact on local residents and businesses.

The map above shows where restrictions will be and what they will mean to you if you live or work on an impacted road.

Road Closures

Roads will be closed inside and around the road section of the course to ensure the safety of spectators, athletes and residents, and to facilitate the smooth running of the event. There will also be some restrictions placed and changes implemented on other roads nearby – please see the “Affected Roads” section below to find out how your road is affected.

Where there are road closures, these will be in place from 6AM to 6PM on Friday 29 July and Sunday 31 July.

Any vehicles parked on the course will be towed to ensure the safety of athletes, officials and the public. Cars parked on the course will receive a flyer to help ensure information about parking restrictions and towing is known before the event takes place.

Where there are no parking and other restrictions, these will be in palace from 6PM on Thursday 28 July to 6PM on Friday 29 July, and from 6PM on Saturday 30 July to 6PM on Sunday 31 July.

If you live along the course or your residence is inside the course route, it is strongly recommended that you look at the road closure information and, the night before the competition, park on streets where access will be maintained.

Pedestrian access to closed roads will remain, and manned crossing points will be in place along the route.

Vehicle Crossing Points

Crossing points will be available will be available at three locations around the course, that will enable you to enter/leave the area within the course.

These are available between 6AM and 9.15AM on the days of the races, and will then reopen after the final athlete is finished.

The crossing points can be found at:

  • The intersection of Jockey Road, Melrose Avenue and College Road roundabout
  • Jockey Road and Boldmere High Street
  • Antrobus Road and Ivy Road

Parking and Local Access Permits

Permits are free and will be issued by Birmingham City Council. These are not required by all residents - only properties with an eligible postcode will be able to apply, and those properties will receive a letter of how to apply towards the end of June.

Businesses will need to apply on behalf of employees. If you are already part of a permitting scheme, Birmingham City Council will be in touch to let you know if there are any changes.

Queries About Carers and Other Essential Visitors

We are working closely with care providers and individuals to ensure care visits are co-ordinated with the road closures in mind.

More information can be found in the relevant sections below, but if you have any queries or concerns about individual needs please head to our Help Centre and use the chat function by clicking on the “Help” button, which can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Travel Advice

To keep you moving throughout the Games, check which areas, roads and rail routes will be busiest with our Travel Advice page.

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