Our Bold Ambition

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will have a significant, positive, outcome for the city, its people, and its local communities. It will play a crucial part in the recharge and recovery of the region: from the kickstart it will provide to the economy, to the renewed sense of progressive pride it will instil in citizens.

We believe that all organisations should put purpose at the core of their existence, and we are committed to converting this belief into tangible actions and outcomes. This document is our blueprint that outlines how the Games can help play its part to achieve a better and more sustainable future.

This strategy sets out our sustainability goals and the ways we seek to address and overcome the challenges that the physical and social environment face.

We are a dynamic organisation and as we evolve and travel through the lifetime of Games delivery, so too will this plan. What remains resolute is that we are steadfast in this journey. It is far more than a policy; it is an underpinning tenet of how we operate and how we will exist as an organisation.

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