We have a range of members, agred 18 to 50, across all spectrums, LGBTQ+ , race, faith & neurodivergent individuals with multiple intersection characteristics from across the west midlands. Individuals who come to us are from poorer social backgrounds and/or having to hide who they are from family or face mental health challenges. Sometimes they can’t even afford the £10 club fee, (we do offer a discount £5pm on a case by case assessment).

We are an amateur sports team provide a safe and inclusive space for all members and extend this via events & games to their family/friends.

Whilst we have sponsors we do not have enough to cover the cost of these expenses for all our players. We are now looking for prominence and a way to promote ourselves to new sponsors so we can help educated our team members to become coaches and referee to help the club become permanently self sustainable, giving our members the opportunity to learn and educated themselves and other people.

Website: coventrycorsairs.com