The Project that we will deliver before,during & after Birmingham 2022 games is the 'Parkride Commonwealth Cycle Challenge'. The project will be a series of led bike rides (using a fleet of adapted bikes) that will leave from well known venues in & around the city,participants will be able to cycle in small groups to some of the sports venues being used.

The bike rides will visit some of the iconic venues being used at the games such as, Alexander Stadium, Sutton Park, Birmingham University & West Park. Cyclists will use the cities blue cycle routes to help people with all levels of experience to take part in this fun activity which will ensure people that know and may be visiting the city can cycle safely to view venues.

The Parkride Commonwealth Cycle Challenge will also use some of the cities canal routes. The project will bring people together,be a positive activity that may act as a catalyst for change and be a healthy activity that can have a positive impact on wellbeing.

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