A Birmingham success story, Sähëlï Hub, was founded in 1998 and is run by women for women.

We operate from inner-city wellbeing hubs, GP surgeries and neighbourhood parks in Birmingham and our mission is to improve community health and wellbeing. Working predominantly with ethnic minority women, we empower those who are least likely to engage in physical activity and sport to participate, on their terms, with their peers, in their communities.

Rooted in a community empowerment model, our programmes enable individuals to change their social, physical, and mental wellbeing by creating new social networks through:

  • physical activity sessions e.g. walking to running. 
  • chair based exercise, aerobics; sport e.g tennis.
  • adventure activities e.g. bell boating, canoeing and kayaking; social clubs to learn gardening, crafts, and
  • first step training, e.g. learning English. 

We help people to build and sustain new friendships so people feel connected, and become more active, engaged, happy and healthy. 

As an example of our work, Sähëlï Hub deliver ‘women only’ cycling sessions in three inner-city parks. All our sessions are free to all women and girls aged 14+. We have been teaching cycling to women for more than 14 years, during which time we have taught over 2,500 women how to ride a bike for the first time. With our most senior rider being 85 years old. We also train participants to become cycle leaders!

Our pioneering work has empowered women in Birmingham for over 22 years!