A Quick Overview

The rules of Table Tennis are simple: Hit the ball over the net and onto the table. If your opponent doesn’t return it straight back, you get the point! 

The winner of the match is the first to 11 points – however, there must be at least a two point margin of victory. Therefore, if the match is tied at 10-10, play will continue until a player takes a two point lead. 

It’s an exciting, fast-paced sport, with relentless rallies certain to keep crowds entertained. 

With men’s and women’s singles and doubles, mixed doubles, men’s and women’s team events and Para Table Tennis too, there’s no shortage of Gold medal battles to enjoy at Birmingham 2022. 

Previous Commonwealth Games Appearances 

Table Tennis was initially an optional event on the Commonwealth Games schedule and was first introduced at Manchester 2002. It’s proven so popular that it now has ‘Core Sport’ status, meaning it will remain on the schedule at all future Games. 

In August 2019, Para Table Tennis was announced as one of three additional sports to be added to the Birmingham 2022 programme. 

Fun Fact

Singapore has dominated Table Tennis events since the sport was introduced at the Commonwealth Games, taking a whopping 50 medals, 21 of them Gold.