A Quick Overview

The rules of the cycling road race are simple – all riders begin together on the start-line, and the first one to finish secures the gold. 

The route is contested by completing laps of the route up to a final distance of 160km for men, and 112km for women. The event is one of the most demanding physical endeavours at the Games, and requires competitors to dig deep within themselves just to get through the race. 

An event that pits cyclists directly against each other, prepare for no shortage of exciting attacking moves as these incredible athletes strain every sinew to press ahead of their rivals. 

Held on public roads, this is an event that takes the Games to the very heart of the community, and the route will be lined by hordes of expectant spectators, roaring their heroes on to victory. 

Previous Commonwealth Games Appearances 

The road race is one of the mandatory ‘Core’ sports on the Commonwealth Games programme, and has been contested at every Games since 1938. 

Fun Fact

Road cycling expends huge amounts of energy, and this is reflected in the diets of participants, who will often put away 7,000 calories worth of food each day!