A demanding test of upper body strength and mental resolve, Para Powerlifting will be touching down at the NEC as part of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, with spectators promised intense and captivating competition between some of the world’s mightiest athletes.

Competing in male and female classes by body weight, Para Powerlifters aim to lift the heaviest weight possible. They participate in the bench press discipline, lying flat they must control the heavy loaded barbell starting at an arms-length position down onto their chest, and then evenly press the barbell back up until their arms are locked out, exercising incredible strength and control.

Competitors have three attempts to produce a medal-winning lift, with each successful lift followed by one of a heavier weight. Victors are determined based on who successfully lifted the heaviest weight.

Previous Commonwealth Games Appearances

Men’s Para Powerlifting made its Commonwealth Games debut in Manchester, England in 2002, joined by the women’s competition in Delhi, India in 2010. Over ten years later, it’s one of the fastest-growing Para Sports on the world stage.

How heavy is heavy?

Para Powerlifters routinely lift two or three times their own body weight. The World Record for the largest Para Powerlift in the highest weight category was set by Siamand Rahman in 2016, with a mind-boggling 310kg list. That's roughly the weight of a grand piano!