An area of outstanding natural beauty will give way to high-octane, thrill-a-minute drama during our Mountain Biking competition.

Spectators will look on as finely tuned athletes combine their balance, athleticism and speed in this feat of endurance and bravery.

Athletes will plummet down steep sections, transition into smooth landings and push through uphill ascents.

Their mission is simple – cross the line first to claim the Gold.

Previous Commonwealth Games Appearances

Mountain Biking has been contested at four previous Games. Manchester 2002, Melbourne 2006, Glasgow 2014, and Gold Coast 2018.

Fun Fact

Mountain biking dates back to 1896 when the 25th Infantry US Army Bicycle Corps rode from Fort Missoula, Montana to Yellowstone - a distance of 500 miles over rough terrain. Previously, such journeys were undertaken on horseback.