A Quick Overview

Matches are played on a Lawn Bowls Green within a ‘rink’ area – there are usually six rinks per green. The match begins with a coin toss, giving one competitor the option to roll a small ball called the ‘jack’ at least 23 metres down the green.  

Competitors take it in turns to roll their bowls, aiming to ensure they are closer to the jack than any of those of their opponent. Points are awarded for each bowl that is closest to the jack. 

In singles competition, the first to score 21 points will win, whereas in pairs, triples and fours competition, the team that has amassed the most points in total will secure the victory. 

Birmingham 2022 will also feature Para Lawn Bowls events. 

Lawn Bowls is steeped in tradition, but offers no shortage of exciting, combative action.  There’s always high drama as players use their own bowls to smash those of their opponents away from the jack, while ditches surrounding the green can prove to be the barrier between victory and defeat.  

One thing is for certain – Lawn Bowls is unpredictable from the first minute till the last! 

Previous Commonwealth Games Appearances 

Lawn Bowls is one of the core sports on the Commonwealth Games programme. This means it has been played at every Games since 1930, with the exception of Kingston in 1966, where no Lawn Bowls facilities were available. 

Fun Fact

Aaron Wilson dispelled any myths about Lawn Bowls being ‘stuffy’ by whipping off his shirt amid wild celebrations after securing Gold at Gold Coast 2018!