The sport sees its athletes leaping, twirling and flying across a range of iconic apparatus, earning points from a panel of judges and amazement from spectators.

At Birmingham 2022, Artistic Gymnastics will take place at Arena Birmingham. Some of the events and apparatus tobe featured in the Games include: 

Balance Beam

In this women-only event, a suede-clad beam measuring just 10cm in width and 5 metres in length provides the stage for spellbinding 90-second routines that include turns, leaps and other gravity-defying acrobatic elements. 


A male-only event, the Rings has its competitors demonstrate incredible upper body strengthgripping an 18cm suspended ring in each hand and presenting routines that include a range of controlled swings, handstands, and static positions – all while keeping the rings themselves as still as possible. 

Uneven Bars

Women competing in this event perform on a pair of flexible fibreglass bars positioned as high as 2.5 metres from the ground, building spectacular routines from balanced handstands, swings, and flying transitions between the bars. 

Pommel Horse

A crowd favouritethis discipline is based around a padded horse-like body with two sturdy handles. Gymnasts compete in technically demanding routines that can include turns, handstands and other balanced positions, all interspersed with the whirling of straightened legs and pointed feet in a circular motion, all the while maintaining good form and balance. 


Both men and women compete in the Vault, an exciting event which requires them to build up speed in a sprint before propelling themselves from a springboard, vaulting over a platform hands-first, completing mind-boggling flips and twists, and finally landing in a stable and upright position. 

Previous Commonwealth Games Appearances

Artistic Gymnastics first appeared at a Commonwealth Games in 1990, in Auckland, New Zealand. Since then, Canadian gymnasts have taken home the most medals, with an enormous 143 to their credit. 

Fighting Chalk

You might have noticed gymnasts in these events dusting their hands with clouds of white powder before competingThis is a type of powdered chalk, and has the function of absorbing sweat from the athletes’ hands – minimizing the risk of slipping off – while at the same time allowing them to swing freely around the apparatus.