Arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest and abdominal muscles are pushed to the limit during a complex series of movements and tests of strength.

Women contest the vault, the floor, uneven bars, and balance beam. The men contest the vault, the floor, parallel bars, horizontal bar, still rings and the pommel horse. Medals are awarded to the best individual performance on each apparatus.

In the Individual All-Around event competitors compete on each apparatus and their scores are then combined to see who wins.

In the Team All-Around event, each nation’s team of athletes compete on each apparatus, and the scores are added to find the winning nation.

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Gymnastics - Artistic Facts 

  • Artistic gymnastics first appeared at the 1978 Commonwealth Games. Its next appearance was in 1990 and it has featured at every Commonwealth Games since then.
  • Canadian gymnasts top the table with 143 medals.
  • English gymnast Jake Jarman won four gold medals on his Commonwealth Games debut at Birmingham 2022.
  • At the 1990 Commonwealth Games, Canadian Lori Strong won a medal on each apparatus. Strong won gold in the Team, All-Around, Beam and Floor and silver in the Bars and Vault.
  • England’s Max Whitlock is the most decorated artistic gymnast with 10 medals (4 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze).
  • Australia is the only nation that has won gold in every individual and team event.