About The Route


  • The Triathlon swim section of the event will take place in Powell’s Pool in Sutton Park, starting on a purpose-built pontoon
  • The athletes will run from the swim course into transition within Sutton Park


  • The cycling section of the course is 5km in length and starts within Sutton Park.
  • Each individual athlete will complete 4 laps of the cycling course, except for the mixed relay event in which each athlete will complete a single lap.
  • When cycling the athletes will exit the park via Stonehouse Road and head straight onto Boldmere Road, passing through Boldmere High Street which will be a key area for spectators
  • The course will then turn right off Boldmere Road at Antrobus Road and loop back around to Jockey Road, before turning back onto Monmouth Drive and cycle past Boldmere Golf Course
  • The athletes will turn back onto Stonehouse drive then into the Sutton Park, before either heading to the turnaround point or the dismount line, both located within the venue


  • The entire route for the running section is located within Sutton Park. It is 2.5km in length, with each athlete completing two laps (apart from in the mixed relay), with a turnaround point within the venue
Men, Women & Para Mixed Relay

Swim - 750m

Cycle - 20km (4 x5km lap)

Run - 5km (2 laps of 2.5km)

Swim - 300m

Cycle - 4 laps of 5km (1 per athlete)

Run - 4 laps of 2km (1 per athlete)