Mary Stevens Park

The Baton will arrive at Stevens Park at 14.46PM

Join The Queen’s Baton Relay as we celebrate at Mary Stevens Park in Stourbridge. Halesowen Scout Band will be performing live on the band stand as the Batonbearer takes in Queen's Drive, the lake and the Frank Foley statue.

Audnam, Wordsley to Red House Glass Cone

The Baton will appear at the Red House Glass House at 15.29PM

The second leg of the Stourbridge tour begins at the juntion of Dial Lane / Brettall Lane and makes the short journey along Bridge Street before reaching the Red House Glass Cone on the High Street where there will be a short ceremony.

Red House Glass Cone to Brierley Hill Road

The Baton will arrive at Brierley Hill Road at 15.49PM

After a short celebration at Red House Glass Cone, The Queen’s Baton Relay will make the short journey to Brierley Hill Road. From here the UK tour will continue onto Dudley.