East Park, Wolverhampton

Join the Baton as it arrives at East Park at 8.12AM.

Join The Queen’s Baton Relay as it visits East Park in Wolverhampton on Sunday 24 July.

Aldersley Village to Aldersley Leisure Village

There will by a cyclist around Alderley Leisure village at 9.03AM

The Queen’s Baton Relay will visit Aldersley Leisure Village on Sunday 24 July. The Baton will take the tour of the leisure centre before being paraded by a cyclist around the velodrome.

Aldersley Leisure village running track

The Baton will back the return journey at 9.08AM after a lap around the track

From the velodrome to the running track, The Queen’s Baton Relay will continue at Aldersley Leisure Village as The Batonbearer will make its way around the track before making its way to St Andrew’s Primary School.

Aldersley Leisure Village to St Andrew’s Primary School

The Baton will arrive at St Andrew's Primary School at 9.52AM

The Queen’s Baton Relay continues its tour of Wolverhampton as The Baton makes its way to St Andrew’s Primary School. The journey will begin at Aldersley Leisure Village and continues on Aldersley Road, Blackburn Avenue and Lowlands Avenue, before reaching the Primary School on Hordern Road.

St Mary’s Primary School to Queen’s Square

Join the celebrations as the Baton arrives at Queen's Square at 11.51AM.

Following the visit to St Mary’s Primary School. The Queen’s Baton Relay will make its way to the Queen’s Square in central Wolverhampton. From Horden Road, The Baton will turn onto Hunter Street and onto New Hampton Road. The journey then continues on Park Road and onto Waterloo Road, School Street and Cleveland Street, before finally arriving at Queen’s Square where celebrations will commence.