From 4PM, Celebration Event: Millennium Place

See the Baton between 5.37PM and 5.52PM. Celebration event from 4PM until 6PM.

Experience the Queen’s Baton Relay at Millennium Place! Enjoy an afternoon of movement with classic vehicles, cycles, dancing, wheelchair basketball, and much more!

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From 4.30PM, Celebration Event: Broadgate

See the Baton between 5.57PM and 6.07PM. Celebration event from 4.30PM until 6.30PM.

Experience the Queen’s Baton Relay at Broadgate and enjoy a performance from Coventry Voices! The celebration will also include performances from young people including dance, music, rap and spoken word.

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From 5PM, Celebration Event: Assembly Gardens

See the Baton between 6.45PM and 7.15PM. Celebration event from 5PM.

Experience the Queen’s Baton Relay at the Assembly Gardens where the stage will be set for a great family experience with performances and guests as the Baton is formally welcomed to Coventry.

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