The Old Corracle Shed to Iron Bridge

You can see the Baton at 8.25AM

The Queen’s Baton Relay reaches Ironbridge on Tuesday 19 July. The journey will begin at Severn Side and head onto to Waterloo Street. The Batonbearer will then follow High Street before arriving at Iron Bridge.

Iron Bridge to Lloyds Head Free Bridge

You can see the Baton at 8.48AM

The second leg of The Queen’s Baton Relay will travel from High Street to Waterloo Street where the tour will continue on a horse and cart to Blists Hill Victorian Town.

Blists Hill Victorian Town to Main Entrance 

You can see the Baton at 8.59AM

You can join the celebrations at Blists Hill Victorian Town as The Queen’s Baton Relay makes its way from Furnace Bank to Colport Road where celebrations will begin.