Soot Hill Swing Bridge to Beswicks Road

You can see the Baton at 11.48Am

Join The Queen’s Baton Relay as it visits Northwitch. The Baton will make the long journey along Winnington Bridge and Winnington Lane before reaching Beswicks Road where The Batonbearer will take on the next leg to Northwitch town centre.

Beswicks Road to Northwitch Town Centre

You can see the Baton at 13.16PM

The second leg of The Queen’s Baton Relay in Northwtich will see The Baton travel from Beswicks Road to the town centre. The route begins on Winnginton Street towards Castle Street, heading east on Watling Street towards Weaver Square Shopping Precinct The Batonbearer will then make their way to Meadow Street, Witton Street, turning right onto Weaver Square Precinct where the celebrations will commence.