Oganne Manengene is a young woman, who has made strides in her community’s development and now she has made strides as a Batonbearer in the Birmingham 2022 Queen’s Baton Relay. 

Being from one of the most remote areas of the Northwest District of Botswana, also referred to as Ngamiland, Oganne was eager to support her community and its development. 

Oganne was awarded a grant from the Youth Development Fund, a programme run by the Botswanan Government, which supports young people with their start-up ideas and expanding businesses. Using this funding, she took on the challenge of setting up a tuck shop in her local area. 

Through her hard work and dedication to the project, she has since expanded the tuck shop into a fully-fledged grocery store. With the proceeds from this successful venture, she is now building rental homes in the area, to further support her community.