24-year-old taekwondo practitioner Michelle Tau represented Lesotho when she became a Batonbearer in December.  

Michelle took up taekwondo at a young age, inspired by her father, also a practitioner, who unfortunately passed away when she was very young. Through training and competing Michelle has always felt connected to him and this has driven her to perform at her best.  

In recent years, Michelle has earned multiple medals, including silver from the 2019 All Africa Games in Rabat, Morocco, and silver at 2020 European Club Championships.  

As well as being a taekwondo champion, Michelle is also a champion for women’s rights and makes it her mission that every girl or woman has the opportunity to learn how to defend themselves against gender-based violence.  

Michelle said she feels moved by having a role in bringing together communities from all 72 nations and territories in one collaborative journey.