The University of Birmingham was founded in 1900 and was the UK’s first civic University. Consequently, the institution has a lengthy history of playing a strong role in its community, leading the pursuit of knowledge and investing in impactful initiatives that benefit the region, such as the University of Birmingham School.

Sport is integral to life at the University of Birmingham and it is regularly ranked in the top five in the UK for the quality of student sport. It was the first UK University to offer a Sport and Exercise Sciences degree, and today its researchers continue to support the physical activity needs of individuals and communities both in the West Midlands region and across the world, informing new approaches to performance, rehabilitation and health.

Each year the University welcomes students from across the world to become part of its global community. More broadly, the University is known for its contributions across disciplines in medical and life sciences, social sciences, engineering, fundamental sciences and business and eleven Nobel prize winners have worked there.


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