For forty years SLX has been at the fore front of broadcast and sports presentation lighting. We pride ourselves on having the in-house expertise and equipment to deliver the most comprehensive solution for major events.

Our journey over the years has seen us work on some of the most iconic events and productions across the UK and beyond. Looking forward we are building a business for a sustainable future, pushing the boundaries of how we operate to achieve this.

Trusted by clients worldwide, we operate at our best when working in partnership with our customers, we work hard to create lasting relationships, providing unparalleled technical and creative solutions as well as timely and well executed delivery.

We are immensely proud to be part of the 2022 Commonwealth Games, this is such a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate the amazing achievements of all the participating athletes, in a considered and respectful way leaving a legacy of sustainability, diversity, inclusion and opportunity for all.

We are all very excited to be on this journey supporting the Games over the coming year, creating a world leading event for us all to be extremely proud of.


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